Friday, January 7, 2011

love, magic, friendship, and soccer

MR. PRICKLES is subtitled A QUILL-FATED LOVE STORY. Kara LaReau and illustrator Scott Magoon(Roaring Brook Press 2012) give readers a lonely porcupine. It is tough for a porcupine to make friends or even to play with friends. Those quills just keep getting in the way. Fortunately, Mr. Prickles' story ends happily ever after. Team this one with HedgeHug (see previous blog posting). <700>

LOVE TWELVE MILES LONG by Glenda Armand with illustrations by Colin Bootman (Lee and Low, 2012) is the winner of the New Voices Award from lee and Low. Frederick's mother has walked 12 miles to visit him on another plantation. She tells him that each mile is dedicated to something different so that the journey will not seem so long. The first mile is for forgetting; the second mile is for remembering, etc. This heartfelt story of the bond between mother and child is a must read. <701>

This folktake from Korea, LADY HAHN AND HER SEVEN FRIENDS by Yumi Heo (Holt 2012) centers on an argument about what is the most important when it comes to lady Hanh's sewing. Needle, thread, scissors, thimble, ruler, flatiron, and little iron all assert that her or his role is the most essential. Lady Hahn suggests that perhaps she might play a role as well. In a fit of pique the 7 implements leave Lady Hahn. How will this all be resolved? Who is the most important? <702>

it is time for bed and for the JAMMY DANCE. Rebecca Janni and illustrator Tracy Dockray (FSG 2012) team up for a high spirited celebration of family and bedtime rituals. <703>

HAPPY LIKE SOCCER by Maribeth Boelts with illustrations by Lauren Castillo (Candlewick Press 2012)shows Sierra playing soccer on a team. her busy mother does not have time to travel to the games to watch her play until one day Sierra comes up with an idea that just might mean Mom can come and cheer her on. <704>