Monday, December 5, 2011

animals in picture books

Homer and his friends
Play baseball every evening.
Game going to dogs.

HOMER by Diane Degroat and Shelley Rotner. Orchard Books, 2012. <630>

It is milking time
As cows shuffle into place
All work hard to help.

IT'S MILKING TIME by Phyllis Alsdurf with illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. Random House, 2012. <631>

Lyrical words and
Painterly images tell
What flying is like.

FALCON by Tim Jessell. Random House, 2012. <632>

Glow in the dark book
Shows bunny searching for dark
And a perfect light.

THE BUNNY'S NIGHT LIGHT: A GLOW IN THE DARK SEARCH by Geoffrey Hayes. Random House, 2012. <633>

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