Friday, January 27, 2012

time time time

CHRONAL ENGINE by Greg Leitich Smith (Clarion, March 2012) will transport readers back in time along with four young teens to the era of dinosaurs in Texas. Dinosaurs in Texas, you ask? Yep, there are plenty of fossils here to demonstrate their presence. Max, Kyle, and Emma know that already as their reclusive grandfather lives on land where dino tracks are clearly in evidence. When they are sent to spend the summer with their grandfather, they are excited to have the chance to see the Loblolly Dinosaur Tracks. What they do not expect, though, is an even greater adventure. The three siblings along with Petra, the daughter of their grandfather's housekeeper discover the time machine in their grandfather's workroom. Soon, Emma is kidnapped and her brothers Max and Kyle, along with Petra, use the time machine to travel back to the Cretaceous period. Lots of narrow escapes from foes both human and saurapod await these kids in this fast paced novel. <31>

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  1. Time travel, Dinosaurs, oh yeah this book sounds very adventurous. I like that it takes place in Texas. What can I say I love my Texas! I am curious to know if the author was inspired by the dinosaur park in Glen Rose, TX.