Monday, February 18, 2013

SALT by Helen Frost, FSG, July 2013.

Both boys are 12 years old. James lives with his family in Fort Wayne, His father runs the trading post outside the fort. Anikwa lives in a longhouse with his family and the rest of the Miami nation. The boys are best friends, often playing and hunting and fishing together. However, the adults are a bit less friendly especially when word comes that the British and American armies are set to clash near the fort. Rumor has it that the Miamis will side with the British. This makes those living in the fort even more suspicious. Trading comes to a stop; rumors abound. Now it is not just the boys' friendship that is at stake. Frost has crafted another intricate story through two different poetic styles, one for Anikwa and one for James. Her poems provide readers a detailed glimpse into the lives of two friends whose relationship is tried by the tensions in the world around them.

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