Monday, May 27, 2013

Anger Mismanagement

PIECES by Chris Lynch. Simon & Schuster, 2013.

This companion to ICEMAN will draw readers into the continuing story of Eric (though note that this book stands on its own. One does not have to have read ICEMAN first. I do think the reading would be enhanced, though, if one had read ICEMAN). As the novel opens, Eric's family has made the decision to turn off life support machines keeping Duane, Eric's older brother alive after Duane broke his neck. Eric is not at all at peace with this idea nor with the idea of his brother's organs being harvested. However, he is having to deal with the fact that he has no power in this situation. Eric decides to meet some of the recipients of his brother's organs. This meeting, which is not all sweetness and light, does lead, though, to some rather profound changes in Eric's life, a life he feels is in pieces. Lynch explores the inner turmoil of the adolescent male, one with huge anger issues, thoroughly. Eric is not evil nor is he a saint; there is no magical transformation. Instead, there is a growing awareness of others, perhaps the best lesson of all to be learned.

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