Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Merry Days

SANTA CLAUS AND THE THREE BEARS by Maria Modugno with illustrations by Jane and Brooke Dyer. Harper, 2013.

This variation of Goldilocks has the bears head out of the house while their pudding cools. Enter Santa who spies the pudding. In quick succession, you have the eating of the pudding, the breaking of the chair, and the snoozing in the bed. Kids will enjoy this whether they know the story of Goldilocks or not. (Hint: if they do not, remedy that).

DEAR SANTASAURUS by Stacy McNulty with illustrations by Jeff Kaminsky. Boyds Mills Press, 2013.

Ernest begins a year long correspondence with Santasaurus, assuring the jolly dino that he (Ernest) is being a good boy. Of course, the illustrations and asides prove that Ernest might just be omitting some details. All's well by Christmas Eve, though.


Zoomer and his brother pups are using their telescope to keep an eagle eye out for Santa. When a flying saucer touches down in Zoomer's back yard, he and his siblings enjoy some fun with the extraterrestrials. And Zoomer even lends a hand in helping repair their ship. Of course, he is rewarded for his good deed by Santa.

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