Friday, March 21, 2014

Plethora of Picture books

Join Amelia
As she tries to solve problems
As only she can

Classic retelling
Of a familiar story
Astonishing art

Changing the world
By becoming a pilot
Earhart did much more

Easter Cat to the
Rescue. Why should bunny have
All the Easter fun?

A super chicken
Warren longs for Fame and dreams

It's hard to be a
Ninja when everybody
Needs ninja to stop

Burps? Robots don't burp!
They do when burping numbers
And alphabets, too.

Tree for all seasons
This board book will show readers
How seasons change trees.

I am falling so far behind in blogging about my reading (I have 75 books waiting to be blogged) that I am doing some bliakus so the word can get out there about these incredible books.

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