Friday, May 2, 2014

Potpourri of Picture Books Reduz

BIG PIGS by Leslie Helakoski. Boyds Mills Press, 2014.

Big pigs in contest
To see who is the biggest
Surprising results

THE GREAT BIG GREEN by Peggy Gifford with illustrations by Lisa Desimini. Boyds Mills Press, 2014.

What is big and green?
It is the Earth which is green
Except where it's blue

LOVE MONSTER by Rachel Bright. FSG, 2014.

Who loves a monster
When there are puppies, kitties
And more cuddly things?

LOST FOR WORDS by Natalie Russell. Peachtree, 2014.

Tapir can't find words
Like all of his friends. How can
He tell a story?

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