Friday, July 29, 2011

Dancing Masters

BUNHEADS by Sophie Flack (Little Brown/Poppy, October 2011) follows the hopes and dreams of Hannah Ward, a member of the corps of ballet dancers at the Manhattan Ballet. Hannah has always dreamed of being a ballet dancer and has spent her last 5 years at the Manhattan Ballet, living on her own and working day in and day out to perfect her craft. She does not have time even to explore the city that houses the ballet company. She spends her days in exercise and rehearsals and her nights sleeping. If she wants to become a soloist and move up in the company, she must dedicate all her being to ballet. <352>

Sophie Flack danced with the New York City Ballet, and this is quite evident in the detailed descriptions of the routines, choreography, and especially in the day to day existence of these young women who aspire to be the best in their professions. Things such as eating disorders, injuries, and competition are treated as matter of fact: which they would be to the young women who will do whatever it takes to get ahead, to be featured, to please.

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