Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spy Games

Hosting a foreign exchange student does not turn out quite the way Perry had envisioned. Gobi from Lithuania, is not interested in much having to do with the family. She is not the hot chick Perry anticipated either. All that changes when Perry's father persuades (forces) him to take Gobi to the prom on the same night his bad was to perform in New York. After a confrontation with some bullies, Gobi persuades (forces, at gunpoint) Perry to take her into the city. She has a score to settle, a score that involves murder and mayhem. <354>

Each chapter opens with a question ostensibly posed on a college admissions form. That question forms a frame of sorts for the events of the chapter. This is a darkly funny work that seems at times to be a fantasy and at other times is a chilling realistic story. Lots of chases, car thefts, violence, and a little romance, this book should appeal to readers who enjoy an action packed tale.

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