Monday, September 26, 2011

read along with your dog

DEAR MRS. LARUE, subtitled LETTERS HOME FROM OBEDIENCE SCHOOL by Mark Teague comes as a package audio and book from Scholastic. With picture books, having the book along with the audio is good since kids will want a chance to study the illustrations as they listen to the book. The audio has 2 tracks. The first track is the story with page turning signals; the second is a straight read-through without the signals. Reader David DeVries delivers a stellar fully voiced performance complete with sound effects. <492>

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  1. I really like the idea of an audio offering! I've been asking the students in my resource room about their access to books at home. Most say they only have one or two books, and none have reported being read to recently (and I work in an elementary!). I firmly believe that part of their reading and writing difficulties is due to the dearth of print resources and read-aloud time at home. Audio books help me bridge that gap at school.