Monday, September 26, 2011


Isn't it ironic, don't you think? A little too, ironic. Apologies to Alanis Morissette for the theft of lyrics, but they seem all too appropriate as we once more honor Banned Books Week and are, once more, witnessing situations that would deny free speech and freedom of expression. It is here on my own campus this time. Here is the link to the latest in the story:

Here's the thing. I might not like the speech posted by students (and I really hate to see vulgarity in lieu of true expression), but there are two things that bother me more. One is that a professor cut down the speech and then the police took down the entire posting claiming it violated the law. The one bright spot is that there are organizations out there like FIRE who immediately protested the incident.

There are rumors abounding here that there may be social media policies being put into place for students and for faculty. This makes me nervous as well. The word "policies" has the word "police" contained within the letters. My Spidey-senses are already tingling.

I am wearing my #SpeakLoudly button this week and have several on my desk for colleagues who want to join me. We need to continue to #SpeakLoudly, defending even the speech and expression of those whose ideas we find abhorrent. That's what makes #SpeakLoudly more than a slogan. Join me? And join in the Virtual Read Out:

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  1. As you know I had on the SPEAK Button today and look forward to wearing it all week. And beyond. I am sad that this is happening on our campus.