Monday, October 3, 2011


Ed Young provides an intimate glimpse into his childhood in THE HOUSE BABA BUILT: AN ARTIST'S CHILDHOOD IN CHINA (Little Brown 2011). From the endpapers, different beginning to end, to the incredible artwork, this is a book to be experienced over and over again. One reading will not be sufficient for kids (nor adults) to discern the detail. The thousands of birds flying in the sky with the red outline of Ed's family outlined in bright red that greets readers on the first double page spread is followed by pages that move from double page spreads to fold outs that provide even more detail about the house Ed's father designed. Illustrations combine paint, realia, black and white, collage, and more as readers eyes will be drawn from one place to another to the next, an aerial feat. Though the book appears to be a picture book, the audience for this one is boundless. Pair it with DRAWING FROM MEMORY by Allen Say for an interesting comparison. <504>


  1. Sounds like it has a variety of texture into the illustrations. I'd like to see DRAWING FROM MEMORY. I'm not familiar with that book, but I'd like to read it before this one. The illustrations seem to be fabulous!

  2. LS5385
    It sounds like a book that can be enjoyed because of its illustrations. It would definitely be a book to have in one's library.