Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dressing it up

KIMONOS by Annelore Parot (Chronicle 2011) takes kokeshi dolls (remeber those from Sadako and the Paper Cranes?) and outfits them in kimonos. The cover has a fabric strip under the title and a "tag" at the bottom that resembles a tag from a piece of clothing. The book contains riddles and puzzles for readers to solve. Can they spot the kokeshi dolls on school uniforms? Can they tell from the back of an outfit the match for the kokeshi seen from the front on the opposite page? Japanese words can be found on classroom walls, tidbits about culture can be gleaned from the spare text. <505>


  1. Cover is cute and the books seems different. Nice book to have around when speaking of diversity and displaying books from around the world for the students to check out. I have a feeling girls are gonna like this book.

  2. LS5385
    How interesting to see a book that contains puzzles and riddles. Students don't get enough exposure to riddles and sometimes lack the ability to think and solve them. The cover is quite interesting to look at.