Friday, May 18, 2012

Great Expectations

Zephyr is a girl with a HUGE imagination. She designs all manner of inventions, especially airplanes which she makes out of paper and any materials at hand. In ZEPHYR TAKES FLIGHT by Steve Light (Candlewick Press 2012), Zephyr finds herself sent to her room for her fanciful flights around the living room. In her bedroom, Zephyr discovers a secret door, one that leads her to her dream of making a real plane and flying loop-de-loops. Zeophyr also comes to the rescue of a grounded pig just in time to return to her house for breakfast. Fanciful flight. <263>

KING ARTHUR'S VERY GREAT GRANDSON by Kenneth Kraegel (Candelwick Press 2012)tries to emulate his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, King Arthur, but the dragon is not really up to a fight. So, Hnery (for that is his name) is sent to find the Cyclops to see if he might be interested in a challenge. On and on through various foes, Henry finally finds someone worthy of being his opponent and his friend. <264>

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