Sunday, May 20, 2012

perfect middle grade reading

Robert Columbo Burnside is most definitely an average kid. When he decides to convert his closet into a science lab, however, his life is about to change drastically. Out of the closet pops a tiny man, an amalgam of Willy Wonka and Frankenstein: Wonkenstein. How much trouble can this little guy be? Plenty. Before long, Robert's entire neighborhood and school know something is wrong. For fans of Wimpy Kid, this book is bound to be a huge hit. WONKENSTEIN (Henry Holt 2012) is the first in a new series. Look for #2 which combines Chewbaca and Harry Potter! <271>

BAD KITTY FOR PRESIDENT by Nick Bruehl (Roaring Brook 2012) is a perfect primer for the upcoming election. When Old Kitty comes to the end of his second term, it is time to find some candidates to take his place. Enter Bad Kitty and Big Kitty, primaries, ballots, and more. A wonderful glossary provides even more information for young readers. And don't worry: there is plenty of humor in here for more grown up readers, too. <272>

Invisible Inkling is back in DANGEROUS PUMPKINS by Emily Jenkins (Balzer and Bray 2012). As Halloween approaches, Hank Wolowitz' dread builds. His invisible bandapat loves Halloween, particularly the pumpkins which are its main food source. That means there is going to be trouble, and it begins at home when Inkling destroys Harry's sister's intricate pumpkin carvings. Of course, since the bandapat is invisible, all the blame falls squarely on Harry. How can he mange to survive?

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