Thursday, September 27, 2012

Animal, vegetable, mineral

FOXY by Emma Dodd. Harper, 2012.

Everyone needs
Someone like foxy to help
Get ready for school.


GRUMPY GOAT by Brett Helquist. Harper, 2012.

Grumpy goat grouches
Until one day he sees it
A small yellow friend.


BANG! BOOM! ROAR! A BUSY CREW OF DINOSAURS by Nate Evans and Stephanie Gwyn Brown with illustrations by Christopher Santoro. Harper, 2012.

Calling all dinos
There is work to be done now
Construction is fun.


LITTLE SWEET POTATO by Amy Beth Bloom with illustrations by Noah Jones. Katherine Tegen Books, 2012.

Sweet potato lost
Finds his way back home where he
Is loved for himself.


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