Wednesday, September 19, 2012

family Matters

THE SCHMUTZY FAMILY by Madelyn Rosenberg with illustrations by Paul Meisel. Holiday House 2012.

Meet the Schmutzy family. They do not mind a little dirt (schmutz) here and there. Paint, mud pies, and tracks from outside accumulate during the week. But Momma Schmutz demands that all the dirt be cleaned up before the Sabbath. Of course after all that, it is time for the family to enjoy getting down and dirty again. <500>

ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN by Nancy Tillman. MacMillan 2005.

All the creatures of the earth celebrate the momentous night of your birth. This is the message of the picture book which should be paired with ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN by Debra Frasier. <501>

CROUCHING TIGER by Ying Chang Compestine with illustrations by Yan Nascimbene. Candlewick Press 2012.

Vinson is thrilled that his grandfather is coming from China for a visit. But Vinson is puzzled by Grandfather's "exercises". Vinson soon learns that Tai Chi is more than exercise; it is a way of life. Pair this one with GRANDFATHER'S JOURNEY by Allan Say. <502>

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