Tuesday, November 20, 2012

JOKER ON THE HIGH SEAS by Bright, McManus, Loughride. Capstone, 2012.

The Joker is trying once again to succeed in his dastardly plans, this time to highjack fireworks and explosives from a ship steaming into the harbor. Can Batman and Robin foil his plans? <620>

THE POISONED PLANET by Manning and Vecchio. Capstone, 2012.

Poison Ivy finds a plant growing from a chunk of kyrptonite. She knows this just might be her way to defeat Superman once and for all. Can Superman manage to fight back when he is growing even weaker from the plant now growing all over the building housing the Daily Planet? <621>

SWAMP THING VS THE ZOMBIE PETS by Sazaklis and Baltazar. Capstone, 2012.When Swamp Thing heads off to help Batman, the swamp is left open to invasion by the Zombie Pets headed by Solomon Grundy. Will the Home Critter Gang be able to get along with the Zombie Pets? <622>

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