Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Picture Book Round-up, Part One

AWESOME DAWSON by Chris Gall. Little Brown, April 2013.

NOTHING goes to waste in Dawson's house. When Dawson wants to build something, he heads out and finds things others have discarded. Reuse, repurpose, recycle: Dawson knows how to do it all. <626>

WASH A BYE BEAR by Thomas Docherty. Templar Books (Candlewick), 2013.

When Bear becomes too stained and smelly, Mommy washes him. Flora is not happy with the outcome. Bear does not look or smell right any more. What can she do? <627>

HERE COMES, DR. HIPPO by Jonathan London with illustrations by Gilles Eduar. Boyds Mills Press, 2012.

It is tough when your patients include a giraffe who likes to lick your face, a crocodile whose mouth is more than a little intimidating when he opens wide, and a lion who is rather intimidating just sitting still. Perhaps, little Hippo needs to find a new calling? <628>

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