Thursday, March 14, 2013

Any questions?

THE NOUSE WITH THE QUESTION MARK TAIL by Richard Peck with illustrations by Kelly Murphy. Dial, July 2013.

He is a small mouse, a mouse without any memory of his birth, his mother. He lives with his Aunt Marigold who is the head mouse seamstress. Called Mouse Minor because of his size, his entire life has centered around the question of his parentage. Now, he is being packed off to the Royal Mews Mouse Academy. Unfortunately, his term at school does not last long. And thus begins a series of adventures, near disasters, and hair-raising escapes. Mouse Minor hopes that perhaps Queen Victoria might be of help. This is her jubilee so perhaps he can find his way into her presence? Peck has fashioned a warmly funny mystery/adventure populated by a few humans and a large cast of mice, the ones who keep Buckingham Palace running. Clever, fast-paced, and engaging: middle grade kids will love this book. Short chapters make it perfect for reading aloud as well.

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