Sunday, March 17, 2013

Frighteningly Wonderful

SCOWLER by Daniel Kraus. Delacorte, 2013.

The author of ROTTERS returns with an intense psychological examination of the long term effect of abuse on kids. Now 19, Ry Burke endured years of abuse (and also witnessed the abuse of his mother) by his father who is now in prison. As a child, after his father nearly caused his death, Ry became attached to the three toys that he believes saved his life: a stuffed bear names Furrington, a rubber statues of Christ, and Scowler, a stitched and stuffed object. When a meteor crashes into the prison where his father is being held, the family prepares to flee. However, before they can reach safety, dear old Dad has returned seeking revenge. Kraus writes lyrically of even the most horrific scenes in Ry's young life. The story drives forward, relentless in its intensity, unremitting in the fear and horror created by the events and the characters who are struggling to survive.

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