Friday, June 14, 2013

Dogs and Dinos

TOMMYSAURUS REX by Doug TenNapel. Graphia, 2013.

Hang on to your heartstrings. Here is a wonderful and warm GN about the close relationship between a boy and his, erm, dinosaur. wn is faced with After Ely's dog, Tommy, is hit by a car, his parents decide Ely should go spend the summer with his grandfather. Grandpa is lots of fun to be around even if he sometimes forgets about Ely being a kid and not a grown up. But the coolest thing about this summer is when Ely discovers a baby T-rex hidden in a cave near Grandpa's house. It is hard to keep even a baby T-rex a secret and, before long, the town is faced with "Tommy" as Ely christens his new pet. Tuck a hanky into the pages of this GN which is filled with humor and pathos. Kids will demand more TenNapel books, too, after diving into this one.

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