Sunday, June 16, 2013

Surviving Southside

FULL IMPACT by Suzanne Weyn. Darby Creek, 2013.

Norval and Arnie are good friends on and off the football field. But the coach is worried about all the hits Arnie is taking. He asks Norval to keep his eyes on his friend and look for signs of concussion injuries. Norval feels like that is the coach's job, and he does not like spying on his friend. And the, the unthinkable happens.

OVEREXPOSED by Susan Korman. Darby Creek, 2013.

Sexting causes one high school teen considerable trouble.

These are Hi-Lo books, part of the Surviving Southside series. The issues they tackle are topical and of interest to readers. Siple text makes for easy access to the stories.

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