Wednesday, July 17, 2013

going graphic

BATTLING BOY by Paul Pope. First Second, October 2013.

Children are at risk constantly in a neighborhood where monsters roam the streets just looking for a tasty child to eat. Only Haggard West seems able to defeat these beings. But now Haggard is dead. Who will rise to take his place? Perhaps Haggard's daughter can fill her father's rather large shoes? or maybe, just maybe, help will come from another world. Action, adventure, mythology, gizmos, corruption and more makes this a GN that will suck readers in and not let them go until the end (or is it the end?).

ROBOT FRENZY: STONE RABBIT by Erik Craddock. Random House, 2013. It seemed like a good idea to create some teddy bear robots to help make the float. But Rabbit is not happy with the bears. While no one is looking, he messes with their programming. Of course, it all goes horribly wrong. Will the crazed new robots destroy it all?

SILVERSIX by Al Lieberman and Darren Rawlings. Scholastic/Graphia, 2013.

Six orphans, all hiding one thing left to them by their parents. Could there be a connection? Phoebe and her robot sidekick lead the Silversix on a mission to discover what their parents were searching for when they were killed in a mysterious shuttle explosion. Dytpic future, environmental disaster, and runaway orphans are a perfect combination for this action adventure GN.

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