Sunday, July 21, 2013

True Blue

THE TRUE BLUE SCOUTS OF SUGAR MAN SWAMP by Kathi Appelt. Atheneum, 2013.

Disclaimer: I love Kathi and her books. I am over the moon on her latest novel which features raccoons who scout from the front seat of an abandoned Desoto, a huge snake which guards Sugar Man, sort of a cousin to Sasquatch, some feral pigs who are impatient parents, and sugar pies. Oh, yeah, and the alligator wrestling Jaeger and no-good Sonny Boy. How do these seemingly disparate elements fit together? That is the magic of Kathi Appelt's storytelling, her wordsmithing, and her love for the swampland that is the setting for this story. I have written a much lengthier review for the Nerdy Book Club, so I will end this short blog entry with this: read this aloud to your kids come start of school. They, too, will love the humor and long for some sugar pie.

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