Friday, September 27, 2013

Bear, Cat, Fox

BIG BEAR'S BIG BOAT by Eve Bunting with illustrations by Nancy Carpenter. Clarion, 2013.

Big Bear needs a larger boat now that he has grown. He takes advice from too many as he is building his boat, and is not happy with the results.

CATTY JANE WHO LOVED TO DANCE by Valeri Gorbachev. Boyds Mills Press, 2013.

Catty Jane loves ballet and is eager to practice. Her friends love to dance, but Catty Jane tells them they are not really dancing the right way. When she is left alone to practice, though, she comes to understand that there is room for all manner of dancing.

FOX FORGETS by Suzanne Bloom. Boyds Mills Press, 2013.

Fox forgets to tell Bear that Goose will be right back. Bear wonders about where Goose is and wants to go look for her.

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