Thursday, September 12, 2013

TWO BOYS KISSING by David Levithan. Knopf 2013.

Craig and Harry are going for the world record for longest kiss. Their friends are helping them, filming, providing water and protection and support. Some family members are there for support; others are noticeably absent. Before long, the news of the Craig and Harry's efforts spreads drawing approval from some and jeers from others. This kiss is set against the backdrop of the lives of other young men who are coming out, coming to terms, and moving on. Levithan combines the stories effortlessly, moving back and forth among the various strands of stories, always focusing on the essential element of acceptance: acceptance of self, acceptance of the other. Lyrical, magical, real: this book is one to be savored a bit at a time, prolonged to ensure appreciation of the incredible voice Levithan brings to the novel.

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