Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making a Production Out of It

THE TEMPLETON TWINS MAKE A SCENE by Ellis Weiner with illustrations by Jeremy Holmes. Chronicle Books, 2013.

Fraternal twins John and Abigail are back along with their absent-minded professor father and a few other characters who will be familiar to those who read the first book in this series. This time, the professor is employed by a performing arts college to design a close-up lens for stage plays. He has, of course, managed to create just that. However, in steps someone to claim partial credit for the invention. Fortunately, John and Abigail, and their overly-excited dog Cassie are up to the challenge of unmasking this villain. Our narrator is back, snarky as ever, ready to comment on the events, the people, AND the reader. Perfect for reading aloud.

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