Friday, October 11, 2013

Middle Grade Books

STARRING JULES (IN DRAMA-RAMA) by Beth Ain. Scholastic, 2013.

Jules is set to star in a movie. When the shoot is postponed, Jules knows her former friend will be the first one to say something snide. And then a different opportunity opens up for her: starring in the pilot for a TV sitcom. All of this is still new to Jules who has enough to juggle with school and her new friend. Ain handles the day to day stuff of a typical school along with the demands of being a budding actress which makes this a book that will appeal to a wide cross section of readers.

NO SUCH THING AS A WITCH by Ruth Chew. Random House, 2013. (original copyright 1971).

Tad and Nora's new neighbor is a bit, well, different. She just might have a touch of magic. Her fudge seems to work magic on Tad when he heats more than one piece. Fortunately, this knowledge of the magic fudge comes in handy as Tad and Nora attempt to help Maggie Brown, friend to the animals, and next door neighbor witch.

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