Thursday, July 5, 2012

Creation Story

EVE AND ADAM by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate. Feiwel and Friends, October 2012.

A dynamic duo of authors, a terrific cover and an absorbing premise add up to make this book one that readers will be demanding as soon as it hits the shelves. Evening Spiker (do not call her Eve) barely survives a horrific car crash. Her recovery is due to her mother, the head honcho of Spiker Biopharmaceuticals. As Evening recovers from her injuries, her mother tries to keep her mind occupied by asking Evening to use some new software to cerate the perfact boy from the ground up. It seems rather a fanciful project, but soon Evening comes to understand that her creation is not some abstract computer image: it is the beginning of an actual creation. Espionage, betrayal, science gone amok, friendship, and a bit of a romance all combine in this page-turning examination of medicine and medical ethics. <361>

Note: Blogger is not allowing me to spell check as of late. pardon any errors. I will go back in and make corrections later.

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