Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eek! Mice!

LIBRARY MOUSE: A MUSEUM, ADVENTURE by Daniel Kirk. Abrams, 2012.

Sam and his friend Sarah leave their home and travel to the incredible world of the museum that connects to their library dwelling place. Sam takes along his journal to record his exploits. While visiting the museum, Sam and Sarah make some new (and unexpected) friends and uncover a world of art. <363>

LOVE, MOUSERELLA by David Ezra Stein. Nancy Paulsen Books, Penguin 2012.

Mouserella writes a lengthy letter to her grandmother letting her GrandMouse know how much she misses her in the three days since she has been gone. Ingenious aspects of the book (it opens vertically and not horizontally for starters) will make this one emerging readers and writers will enjoy. <364>

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