Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feedback: Be Very Afraid

FEEDBACK by Robison Wells. HarperTeen, October 2012.

Benson Fisher has escaped from Maxfield Academy along with a severely injured Becky. They are the fortunate ones; many others have died in their attempt to escape from the school where their lives were threatened by the staff. It seems Maxfield Academy is not a school but a front for an android "factory," a place where android clones of the students are created to be unleashed on an unsuspecting population at some point in time. Benson has a plan to get help, but first he must find medical assistance for Becks. He stumbles upon an old fort in the woods that surround Maxfield. There he discovers some familiar faces. Are they real or the android counterparts of his former acquaintances?

This follow up to VARIANT reveals a bit more of the puzzle that is Maxfield Academy and their rather sinister work. There are surprises in store, of course, and some betrayals that will shock. The book stands alone for those who have not read VARIANT. <358>

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