Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liar and Spy

Following up after winning a Newbery is a daunting task for an author (I imagine). Rebecca Stead seems not to have been troubled at all. LIAR AND SPY (Wendy Lamb Books, August 2012) is a superb novel for middle grade readers. Georges (the "s" is silent) moves from his home to an apartment in Brooklyn. It is a tough period of adjustment for Georges and his family. Georges' father has lost his job; Mom is often absent as well. And then there are the neighbors. Most notable among the new neighbors is Safer and his sister Candy (and the story behind the naming of the characters is detailed and fascinating). Safer is a spy and wants to train Georges to be more observant and join him in spying on a neighbor who disappears from time to time with suspcious luggage. At least, that is the surface story here. Dig a bit deeper and you will discover a multi-layed tale, one that bears up well with second and third readings. Stead has created another wonderfully engaging book with puzzles and surprises for any reader who opens to the first page and gets pulled into the loves of Georges and his family and friends. <357>

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  1. Sounds like a great story; would it make for a good read-aloud? How long are the chapters?