Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dealing with Problems

KEVIN KEEPS UP by Ann Whitehead Nagda. Holiday House, September 2012.

Kevin has a problem: his pet snake escaped last night. Kevin knows if his mother encounters the snake first, that will mean the end of his having a pet snake. He is so preoccupied with this snake that he fails to hear his teacher as she begins to talk about the class' new project: books about mammals. Reluctantly, Kevin agrees to do some research about cheetahs. His teacher, Mrs. Steel, helps him get underway. But then Mrs. Steele takes a trip to Africa leaving Kevin at the merciless hands of Mrs. Beezer (he calls her the Buzzard). How can he manage to do his work when Mrs. Beezer does not understand how Kevin learns best? Nagda has written an engaging novel for readers that explores how Kevin processes information and works best. She does this without ever losing sight of the story itself. <355>

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