Sunday, June 24, 2012

Read and learn

TOO YOUNG FOR YIDDISH by Richard Michelson with illustrations by Neil Waldman. Charlesbridge, 2012.

Aaron's grandfather, Zayde, often talks about the books he prizes, those written in Yiddish. Aaron asks to be taught how to read them, but grandfather tells him repeatedly he is too young to learn Yiddish. Finally, Aaron convinces his grandfather to teach him about his native language. An audio CD accompanies the book narrated by Leonard Nimoy. A glossary gives pronunciation and definitions for the Yiddish words in the story. <351>

EIGHT DAYS GONE by Linda McReynolds with illustrations by Ryan O'Rourke. Charlesbridge, 2012.

In simple rhyming text, the story of the first lunar mission is made accessible even for the youngest of readers. Illustrations, largely in black and white, drift across the double page spreads underscoring the enormity of space, the moon, and the mission. <352>

THE HOUSE THAT GEORGE BUILT by Suzanne Slade with illustrations by Rebecca Bond. Charlesbridge, 2012.

In the manner of The House that Jack Built, readers will learn about the construction of the original house built by Washington. Additional text gives more details. <353>

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