Friday, June 22, 2012

Lessons from Books

A DAY WITHOUT SUGAR/UN DIA SIN AZUCAR by Diane DeAnda with illustrations by Janet Montelcalvo. Pinata Books, 2012.

Tia Sofia tells the kids that tomorrow will be a day when they will try to discover the hidden sugar in foods and avoid it. At first, the kids are less than thrilled. However, Tia Sofia offers them alternatives to foods laden with sugars, and the kids agree it is not too tough to eat healthier. <343>

FREDA STOPS A BULLY by Stuart J. Murphy. Charlesbridge, 2012.

When a classmate teases Freda about her new shoes, she tells her mother who offers lots of advice for dealing with teasing and bullying. Walk away. Ask for help. Say stop. Good basic information for kids about how to deal with bullies. <344>

OUT ON THE PRAIRIE by Donna Bateman with illustrations by Susan Swan. Charlesbridge, 2012.

This rhyming patterned text focuses on the wildlife found on the prairie including prairie dogs, howdy owls, and bison. Set in the Badlands National Park, readers will learn about the wildlife while enjoying the rhymes.

SOFIA AND THE PURPLE DRESS by Diane Gonzalez Bertrand with illustrations by Lisa Fields. Pinata Books, 2012.

Sofia is excited to be invited to her first quince. She wants to wear a purple dress given to her by her favorite cousin Rosaria, but it is too tight. So, Sofia and her mother decide to get get more exercise and eat more healthy foods. Will the dress fit? <346>

SCHOOL DAY MATH by Barbara Barbieri McGrath with illustrations by Tim Nihoff. Charlesbridge, 2012.

A slew of math concepts are introduced in this simple picture book: grouping, addition, subtraction, fractions, and more can be a great way to get kids to think about numbers in new ways. <347>

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