Thursday, June 14, 2012

short, sweet, and perfect

DRAGON BOOGIE is the seventh book in the Stone Rabbit series by Erik Craddock (Random House 2012). When the electricity goes out, our three heroes decide grudgingly to play a board game called Dragons and Stuff. Before long, magical dice have transported them into the game itself. Now the three must battle evil beings in order to survive. A wacky blend of D&D with GN format is sure to please tween readers. <323>

SADIE AND RATZ by Sonya Hartnett (Candlewick Press 2012) is about Hannah's hands. She has named them Sadie and Ratz. Her hands are incredibly talented, but they can also get her into trouble. Now that her little brother has figured out he can blame Sadie and Ratz for his misdoings, Sadie is not sure what to do. <324>

Jarrett Krosoczka brings back lunch lady in LUNCH LADY AND THE MUTANT MATHLETES (Knopf 2012). The Breakfast Bunch is forced to join the Mathlete Team. Faster than you can say "huh? Us, Mathletes?", there is a mystery afoot. They will join forces with Lunch Lady to try to determine why one school always wins the mathletics competitions. <325>

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