Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hyde and Shriek

HYDE AND SHRIEK by David Lubar. Tor/Starscape, 2013.

Subtitled, a Monsterrific Tale, David Lubar combines elements of Jekyll and Hyde and injects the potion into a typical school setting. When Ms. Clevis somehow manages to put the wrong ingredients into her breakfast smoothie, she soon finds herself changing. She morphs from Ms. Clevis, beloved teacher, into a mean sub known as Ms. Hyde. And then there is the little matter of sometimes changing into one of the students from time to time. It certainly is a sticky wicket. But Lubar knows his way around monstrous humor. Short chapters, plenty of action, and great good humor make this a must have for middle level readers, even the most reluctant of them. Up next, THE VANISHING VAMPIRE.

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