Friday, January 11, 2013

STARRY RIVER OF THE SKY by Grace Lin. Little Brown, 2012.

A runaway named Rendi, worried he will be found stowing away on a wagon, flees just in time to become stranded in the Village of Clear Sky. The innkeeper has secrets, is warring with his neighbor. The entire village seems to be at odds with one another. and what has happened to the Moon? It seems to have disappeared. Rendi thinks he can hear the Moon howl every night. What is going on and what role will the new guest at the inn play as she weaves her stories and demands that Rendi tell his own, too? As she did in WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON, Lin effortlessly weaves traditional folk tales, interrupting the tale of Rendi and the village. But is it really an interruption? The visitor's stories seem to point to some of the very real people Rendi has come to know.

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