Monday, November 21, 2011

More bl-aikus, blog haikus about picture books

Here are some more haikus for the blog or, as I call them, blaikus. Enjoy!

Purple little bird
Needs a change of scenery.
Heads out into world.

PURPLE LITTLE BIRD by Greg Foley. Balzer and Bray, 2011. <588>

Duck has a pumpkin.
He wants to surprise his friends.
His plans go awry.

PUMPKIN TROUBLE by Jan Thomas. Harper, 29011. <589>

Mouse plants a pumpkin.
He and cat tend to its needs.
Happy Halloween.

PUMPKIN CAT by Anne Mortimer. Katherine Tegen Books, 2011. <590>

Max builds a castle.
Using letter blocks. Switch some
And watch what happens.

MAX'S CASTLE by Kate Banks with illustrations by Boris Kulikov. FSG, 2011. <591>


  1. Thank you for recommending these. As you know we especially need to stock up on poetry. The new STAR test has poetry in their line-up

  2. In my opinion, poetry books are the best for helping kids write their own poetry. They also provide a great "simmer down" after lunch recess! Max's Castle sounds exciting.

  3. Your comment about picture books being quick reads, but extremely satisfying is exactly right. So much can be communicated is a brief amount of space. These look very cute.

  4. The illustrations in Pumpkin Cat look so realistic. Thank you for recommending these. It is quite hard to select from so many picture books.