Tuesday, November 8, 2011

more picture books coming...

SUBWAY STORY by Julia Sarcone-Roach (Knopf 2011) is the story of a subway car over a quarter of a century of service. When the car is finally replaced by newer, sleeker models Jessie fears she will be abandoned for good. However, Jessie the subway car finds a new job when she is sunk into the river and becomes part of the aquatic culture there. Based on a true story, this is a great example of how we can "recycle" and "re purpose" older equipment. <552>


THE POWER OF CUTE by Charise Mericle Harper (Robin Corey Books 2011) is a lift the flap book about a small baby who defeats a big, bad monster with the power of cute. Billed as a first graphic novel (and I am not sure I would call it that), the art does much to power the story. <553>

Jarrett Krosoczka brings readers a memorable new character in OLLIE THE PURPLE ELEPHANT (Knopf 2011). Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin have always told their children that if they were to find a purple elephant they could keep it as a pet. Enter Ollie. He sleeps on the fold out sofa, dances with his family in the kitchen, and is a perfect pet except to the family cat Ginger and Mr. Puddlebottom the landlord who lives downstairs. Never fear, though, for Ollie will triumph. Bright and bold colors mix with darker and more sinister ones to denote mood and tone. Kids will love having this read aloud to them. <554>

INTO THE OUTDOORS by Susan Gal (Knopf, 2011) is a simple book about a family heading out for an outdoor vacation. Each sentence uses a prepositional phrase with the preposition highlighted in a color that separates it from the other text. This is certainly not the first book to combine story and concept, but the more the merrier. Read aloud, use it for teaching: what more could you ask for? <555>


  1. Sounds like a great book. I will have to share with the teachers.

  2. I love this. As a teacher, I am always in search of books that also cover a specific concept. Recently, a fourth grade teacher was in the library teaching a lesson on prepositonal phrases. I wish I had known about this book.

  3. This seems like a great book for teachers and for students to practice their prepositional phrases. It also would be interesting for city kids to learn about nature and the outdoors.

    Danis Hayes
    LSSL 5385

  4. Definitely a book to be embraced by teachers. Teaching parts of speech and combining that with outdoor experiences will be fun for young students. Combining fun and learning will equal success!

  5. LS5385
    Subway Story sounds like a great way to teach recycling. We need more authors to write fiction books on that particular subject. I can't wait to find this book for my next order shipment.

  6. I wanted Into the Outdoors before I even read what is was about just by looking at the cover! I have a few other books that teach concepts embedded in the story line. The kids really enjoy them and they provide a nice way to review with out so much test pressure.