Saturday, November 26, 2011

NCTE recap Part II: Friday

Friday's first session was STOP THE BULLYING! Kylene Beers put together an incredible array of speakers including Judy Shepard:

Keynoters included Kevin Jennings, coordinator of the Safe Schools movement who talked about the heart and soul matters: the kids who are harassed and bullied. Round tables featured Linda, Rief, Michael Cart, and cj Bott among others. Handouts and presentations should be up at the NCTE Connected Communities.

In the afternoon, I presented a round table at Joan Kaywell's session on the history of YA literature and the Commission on the Teaching of YA Literature. It was a small audience (the exhibits were now open and the feeding frenzy had begun) but the table talk was invaluable.

Then it was on to dinner with Lois Buckman, my roommate, and Suzanne Metcalfe, my good friend from Alaska. We returned to Italian Village and ate ourselves into a giddiness. The maitre d came over to share some stories with us as well. What a lovely day.

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