Saturday, March 31, 2012

all caught up

It seems as though it is a vicious cycle: I read a ton of books and then pile them up to be blogged. They move from the toppling TBR stack to the even more dangerous TBB stack. So, today (which is really February 15 since I am scheduling posts now), I will catch up for the moment with the TBB stack. The TBR? That will never happen. Soooo many books...

ZACHARY'S BALL by Matt Tavares (Candlewick 2012) combines a bit of fantasy with fan in a story in which Zachary's dad catches a foul ball at Fenway Park. He hands ti to Zachary who is transported to the pitching mound in an actual game. The ball's magic combined with Tavares' magical illustrations in black and white make this a sort of "field of dreams" or "Polar Express" of baseball books for young readers.

PATH OF STARS by Anne Sibley O'Brien (Charlesbridge 2012) is the story of a multi-generational family. Grandmother, Lok Yeay, comes from Cambodia. She tells her granddaughter, Daya, about her life there and her flight along with her brother to America. Lush illustrations accompany the rhythmic text that helps Daya see the world through her grandmother's eyes. <160>

LOLA READS TO LEO by Anna McQuinn with illustrations by Rosalind Beardshaw (Charlesbridge 2012) pretty much tells the story: Lola and her family love to read. When Baby Leo comes, Lola helps to entertain him including reading aloud to him. <161>

And, of course, there is FANCY NANCY AND THE MERMAID BALLET by Jane O'Connor with illustrations by Robin Glasser (Harper 2012). Nancy loves ballet and hopes for a terrific part in their performance. When she is given the part of a tree, she is less than thrilled. However, knowing Nancy as we do, she will own this part. <162>


  1. As a reading teacher I love books that discuss the joy of reading. Lola Reads to Leo sounds like a great book to add to my collect.

    Also, I love the Fancy Nancy books!

  2. I would definetly love to get a hold of this book. If it
    s anything like other Matt Tavares' books, for example, Tavares' Mudball has great illustrations and a great story. Just by looking at the front cover, I know I won't be disappointed with the illustrations. Can't wait to pick this up and read.
    Maria Sanchez

  3. I will admit that I LOVE Fancy Nancy. I really wanted to dress up as Fancy Nancy for Halloween but the child's costume would not fit me. :)

  4. I too love Fancy Nancy! The kids seem to like those books.
    Adding Lola reads to Leo to my must have list!

  5. I think boys would love the baseball one, I also like the books about loving reading and Fancy Nancy is awesome!

  6. "A Path of Stars" is a great book for my students to relate to the characters since most of their families migrated from Mexico.