Friday, March 2, 2012


SURYIA SWIMS is subtitled THE TRUE STORY OF HOW AN ORANGUTAN LEARNED TO SWIM. Authors Bhagavan Antle and Thea Feldman with photographer Barry Bland (Holt, May 2012) show Suryia in the bathtub and then later in the swimming pool. Suryia is, as far as scientists know, the only orangutan to take to the water and swim. He swims with all manner of other animals including tigers and a dog. Suryia and the other animals in the book reside on an animal preserve. <92>

MACHINES GO TO WORK IN THE CITY by William Low (Holt, June 2012) has multiple flaps throughout the books that kids can open to see more of the crane, bulldozer, or vacuum truck. Many of these machines may be unfamiliar to readers, so this will serve as a good introduction to the machines that help keep our city running. <93>

LEOPARD AND SILKIE: ONE BOY'S QUEST TO SAVE THE SEAL PUPS by Brenda Peterson with photographs by Robin Lindsey (Holt/Ottaviano, April 2012) is about the quest to save seal pups who are often abandoned by their mothers when humans crowd around them. These two seal pups are protected by a citizen's group known as Seal Sitters. Their task is to keep the seals safe from predators and from the humans who are incredibly curious about them <94>


  1. My kindergarten students have recently been introduced to the non fiction section in our library. They love it!

  2. I think this book would be popular with some students. Particulary the students who enjoy the easy to read and thin nonfiction books. It is an entertaining and unexpected story about an Orangutan who is living in a wildlife preserve. He loves adventure and in this particular book he learns to swim. Maria Sanchez

  3. Animal nonfiction books are winners with my students. The orangutan and the seal pups seem to have interesting information. I mean, who would not like to read about an orangutan that learns how to swim. It almost sounds like a movie script.

  4. Students are always interested in animals and when they hear about a orangutan swimming, I'm sure they won't be able to put it down.