Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nat Love or is it Deadwood Dick?

THE BEST SHOT IN THE WEST (Chronicle Books 2012) is a GN format biography of Nat Love AKA Deadwood Dick, one of the heroic cowboys of the Old West. Born into slavery, Love became a thing of legend. Patricia and Fred McKissack have teamed up with GN illustrator Randy Duburke (YUMMY) to tell Nat Love's story with a few embellishments. The Old West and the lot of the Black cowboys come to life in this GN biography. Stampedes, raids, rustlers, and outlaws make for an action packed tale that is part truth and part tall tale. <151>


  1. I need to buy some Graphic Novels for my classroom library. I know students would love it!

  2. A graphic novel biography is just what we need in our library collection! I have a group of students who enjoy all genres if they are in graphic novel format!

  3. This looks like a great addition to our library. The students love the graphic novel format, and we are always looking to add books about famous African Americans and Western culture. Thanks for sharing!