Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spare and lovely

KINDRED SOULS by Patricia MacLachlan (Katherine Tegen Books 2012)is simply a beautiful story of the love between a grandfather and his grandson. Our narrator, Jake, is 10. He adores Billy (no one calls grandfather anything other than Bill) who is 88 years old and will live forever (according to Jake). Each day during the summer, Jake and Billy walk the farm. They visit with the cows, put food in the hummingbird feeder, and enjoy each other's company. Billy's old sod house still has a tiny remnant left up by the slough. When Billy falls ill, Jake is determined with the help of his family, to rebuild that sod house for his beloved grandfather. MacLachlan's story celebrates all that is warm and wonderful about a close knit multi-generation family in this spare and moving novel. <123>


  1. Is it OK to judge a book by it's cover? This cover makes me want to jump right in. I loved my grandpa and all his wisdom and know that I would love this book, too!

  2. I love several of Patricia MacLachlan’s books, especially SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL. This sounds like a touching, sweet story that brings back some good memories of my grandparents. The book has a beautiful cover as well.

  3. I too want to jump right into this book just by looking at the cover! I love sweet love stories about parents/grandparents and childre, Billy Crystal has an awsome one about Grandpa. It's called, I already know I love you.