Saturday, August 25, 2012

A year in the life

EIGHTH GRADE IS MAKING ME SICK by Jennifer Holm with illustrations by Elicia Castaldi. Random House, 2012.

Ginny Davis' year as an 8th grader is replete with changes: a stepfather (Step-Bob), a pregnant mother, a new house, and a brother who gets into serious trouble. All this and more is delivered through a novel that is a hybrid of graphic novel, realia, picture book, and more. Lists, emails, screenshots, post-its, and other ways of transmitting the text make this a book that will attract a wide range of readers. Ginny is a fully developed character: we come to know her from this snippets of insight into her life, her thoughts, her feelings. This is the mark of an incredibly talented duo whose combined efforts have created a unique whole. <464>

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