Friday, August 3, 2012

Redefining Home

Carley is sent to live with the Murphys, a foster family, while her mother is recovering in the hospitalin ONE FOR THE MURPHYS (pENGUIN/nANCY pAULSEN bOOKS, 2012). All Charley can recall from the night she and her mother were injured is her stepfather coming after her and her own mother grabbing Carley's foot to hold her down. And now Carley has landed in the middle of the Murphys. This warm and caring family is unlike anything Carley has ever encountered, and she is reluctant to open herself to their affection and concern. She must maintain a tough exterior; it is the only way she knows to survive.

Lynda Mulally Hunt does not skirt the tough topics and issues: abuse, self-centerdness, foster care, bullies: they are all here, but always with hope hanging like an invisible knife, slowly peeling away the armor Carley has built around herself. <423>

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