Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Last Dragonslayer

I have been a HUGE fan of Jasper Fforde. Love the Thursday Next series (Well of Lost Plots, Eyre Affair, etc.) and the Nursery Crimes series (Big Over easy, Fourth Bear). And now Fforde enters the YA market with THE LAST DRAGONSLAYER (Harcourt, September 2012).

Jennifer Strange is a foundling who has been promised in service to Kazam, a magic agency (not magical agency, an agency of magicians who hire themselves out). Magic is strictly regulated, and Kazam is having its share of difficulties paying the bills. But things are about to change for Jennifer as she learns that she is the LAST dragonslayer and that the dragon appears to be violating the Dragon pact. She might have to face the dragon and slay him. Jennifer is reluctant to kill the dragon and believes that there are others who are manipulating events for their personal gain. Farcical at times, but always with a heart, Fforde's foray into YA is indeed welcome. <424>

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